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Your one-stop shop for translation into German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Rumanian, and more... In a world in which a document can be translated with only one click using google translator or similar web apps, the role of the translator has changed. Because of globalisation and the advent of the internet, it is getting cheaper and faster every day to have a document translated. A large number of bilingual individuals offer their services in varios translation websites, forums and interest groups. Professional translators like G.Brunner have been obliged to react to this trend. They have had to offer fairer rates and specialize in profesional services for those who appreciate quality. G.Brunner Translation provides professional translation services for languages like English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese, Finnish, Russian, Turkish, and more! We specialize in translating different types of documents like technical manuals, commercial correspondence, contracts, CVs, resumes, websites, apps and software solutions, and any other kind of text you can think of.


"I used gbtranslation for our entire site. The price was among the lowest we could find, but we were pleasantly surprised. Translation was done in no time. He has the dedication of a small business owner with the professionaity of a large cooperation. No question where we are going next time."

Nathan Moe, Website administrator


- Website translation
- Translation of user manuals
- Translation of academic texts
- Interpretation
- Dubbing
- Subtitling
- And much more...

Why choose

- Fair rates
- Maximum punctuality
- All the texts proofread by a second, professional translator
- Excellent, direct contact with the client
- 100% transparent rates, no small print