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You are considering looking for a job abroad, do you have everything you need? Sun-cream / woolly hat? Check. Back-up supply of your favourite tea? Check. Perfectly translated, killer CV? No? Then check us out for a free quote today and you could have your CV ready to go in 24 hours.

Whether you are planning to find a job before you go or once you get there, having a perfect translation of your CV in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese might just make the difference.

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Why translate your CV with us?

Open doors

With so much competition, a professional CV can make all the difference. We will translate your CV with all the right terminology so that you're not just knocking on the door of opportunity, you're opening it.


When translating your CV, targeting is vital. For example, there are often sectoral or cultural differences to be aware of. We will do the necessary research to make sure that your CV looks just right for your chosen market. We provide professional translation services for many different languages, e.g. German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese.

Cover letter consulting

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. With a winning cover letter, you won't need one. We can translate your cover letter or prepare one especially for you so that you can blow your potential employer (not to mention the competition) away.

First-rate translators

No matter which language you need, we have the perfect translator for you. Quality translators and a large database of academies, colleges, academic courses and job titles in various languages mean that we get every single term just right.

High quality at accessible prices

While having a professional CV (Lebenslauf) is priceless, it needn't make a dent in your pocket. We offer first-rate quality for cut-rate prices. And while big word counts are normally our friends, we'll be the first to tell you that this is not the case with CVs. Shorter - two pages at most - is definitely sweeter.

Lightning fast service

After accepting a quote, you could have your CV ready to pack within 24 hours!

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