About us

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The man

Gabriel Brunner is an experienced professional from the world of translation: Of Austrian nationality, Gabriel is well-known in various parts of the world as an expert in all things linguistic. Having finished his academic career with a degree in translation and interpretation at the prestigious Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck, he has been living and working in different parts of the world, e.g. Austria, Germany, England, Wales, Scotland, Morocco, Italy, and Spain. He has been director of studies and teacher at more than one language school, interpreter at EU level, and in many international political summits and meetings.

In his long and varied career as a translator and interpreter, he has worked with and for important personalities like José Manuel Barroso, Fritz Durnwalder, Julio Iglesias and David Copperfield.
Thanks to a strong presence on the internet, Gabriel, together with his team, is a real provider of one-stop solutions. An expert in technical translations, website translation, and state of the art technological solutions and equipment, he is a guarantee for the most professional, efficient, and high-quality translation results, combined with a no-fuss, straight and clear approach to communication between client and service provider.

I hope to talk to you soon!

The team

I have assembled a great team of hand-picked professionals and great individuals just for you. Each one of our admins, project managers, and translators are fluent in 3 or 4 languages, having gathered work experience in different countries and in many different fields. All our translators are native speakers with translation and interpreting degrees from renowned universities, and highly skilled in IT. The only thing we don't have a degree in is customer service, because it comes natural to us! Just contact us by following this link.









Why choose us?

  • Stellar quality and fair rates. We do not aim at being the cheapest providers on the market. However, we know that we need to deliver quality which is more than good enough for its purpose. Depending on the subject, a great volume of research can sometimes be undertaken in order to familiarize ourselves with the topics and to deliver a natural-sounding text in the target language.
  • We truly understand the needs of individuals, small, medium-sized and large organisations, and our offers and prices reflect this understanding. We offer fair rates for whatever you throw at us, which vary depending on the type of text, usage of the final document, and deadline. Deadlines are always met, without exception, and we try to maintain a constant and friendly contact with our customers. We do not want to be some anonymous internet service provider, but someone you know and can trust.
  • True language professionals. All the professionals working on your projects are certified translators with top-level degrees who work exclusively into their native tongue. And all projects are revised by a third translator, because four eyes see more than two, prior to the final approval being given by the director of the business. This is not a place for amateurs, but for professionals, and compared to the large agencies which dominated the market before we came along, the quality difference can be felt by the customer or the end-user.


Why not choose the others

Most other translation agencies (We will not mention any names in public, but are happy to do so in private) subcontract the cheapest providers over the internet, with little concern about quality, and do not actually translate your content themselves. Your orders are auctioned off to the cheapest bidder and then unceremoniously forwarded to you. These large enterprises aim at maximizing benefits while forgetting that they are earning their clients' hard-earned money in return for average quality. Steer clear of these money-eating, impersonal institutions, and choose a provider which combines high linguistic quality and professional work with a more personal customer service.


Friends, not business partners

We understand that for many clients it is important to know their service providers personally. We are therefore happy to call you if you wish to know more about our services, and we take as much time as needed or requested to clear up all questions that our clients might have, even prior to agreeing on any individual translation quotes or partnerships. Our working relationship works best if it is defined along very clear lines. We try to be transparent at all times about things such as deadlines, quality expectations, and payment terms. That is why in more than 10 years of activity as professional translators, we have not received a single complaint and we have not had to enter into any legal disputes with any of our collaborators. You can check it!