The GB Quality Assurance Method

The GB Quality Assurance Method:

Guaranteeing 100 % reliability for each and every project

At GB Translation, we understand that our job is to offer high quality translations to our customers. How do we do it?

We apply our own, unique quality assurance method and state-of-the-art software.

For us, translating is not a one-phase process. To ensure quality and avoid human error, we have developed a 4-step start-to-end process. It is built on two basic principles: detailed analysis and revision by at least three experts. These are the stages of the process from receipt of the text all the way to the delivery of the translation:


1. Source Text Analysis

Before assigning the text to our most competent translator for the relevant technical field, we examine it to determine the elements that require special attention. This gives us the chance to check in with the client where required and to instruct the translator accordingly. The text might contain specialized terminology of a certain field, units of measurement that need to be adapted... We need to be aware of the text’s requirements beforehand to brief the translator and, also, to know what to pay special attention to when proofreading the text.

2. Professional Translation

Once we have studied the text, we assign it to our team member who matches the requirements of the text, that is, one of our professional, native translators with linguistic training and experience in the required field. We use modern, professional software for database lookup and terminology management in order to ensure quality and consistency throughout the whole project.

3. Proofreading

Next, we proofread the text to make sure everything is correct. We optimize grammar and terminology and carry out an extensive check of all terms and key issues spotted during phase 1. We know that four eyes are always better than two.

4. Final Approval

Before we deliver the translation our quality assurance manager is tasked with final approval of each text, to make sure that it meets our standards of quality. We believe that maintaining a close relationship with our clients is essential, and part of that is to get involved in every project. Once our high standards for approval are met, your project is ready to be delivered back to you, our client.

We know that the way companies and individuals communicate is key not only to avoid misunderstandings, but also to make the positive impression that might just make a difference. Our unique strategy allows us to make sure we get every detail just right. That is our goal: to help you increase the quality of your services and products and ultimately help grow your business.