Precise contract translation – better safe than sorry!

An important sub-genre Contract translation is by far not the flashiest sub-genre under the umbrella of translation services. However, those who need it really need it. After all, it can be very dangerous to sign something you don't understand completely. Good legal translators have been able to carve quite a significant niche out for themselves…
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How to find a German translation service that’s good for you

Such a lot of choice! You know when you cannot see the wood for the trees? This is exactly what could happen to you when you are looking for English-German translators. This is the most popular language combination in the world when it comes to linguistic services, and the offer is just immense. Therefore do…
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Welcome to my world

This is the official launch of the website While I have been running a successful translation business for the last couple of years, finally the time has come to establish an online presence under my very own name. GB stands for Gabriel Brunner. Our mission is to deliver top-notch language services at affordable rates,…
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