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To call German the language of the future would be ignoring English, of course. But it would also be an injustice to the German language, which is very much in fashion today, but has always played a vital role in international business and politics, as well as other fields like art, literature, and music. German English translation service is the most widely requested linguistic service in the world, more important even than some other big players like Chinese, Japanese or Hindi. This assessment is based simply on the volume of translation work worldwide, and as such is an objective statistic rather than an off-the-cuff statement.

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Other frequent language combinations

1) More and more Spanish companies, and individuals, see Germany as the light at the end of the tunnel. People emigrate, more or less successfully, creating a need for the translation of documents, curriculum vitae, diplomas and other personal items. Many companies' only way out is being acquired by a German organization, which also creates work for a professional German translation agency, as contracts, business correspondence, websites, technical manual and other documentation needs to be localized. 2) As construction has reached a low point in Spain, Austrian, Swiss, and German companies look to South America as new markets to discover for their investments. Chile, Argentina, and Peru are especially popular. This also creates a need for interpreters and language professionals available online and at these new destinations. It is important to rely on a top, top translation agency for this purpose.

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Our experts only use the latest software solutions and have professionally updated translation databases and system to provide optimized delivery times and only the best linguistic quality. We believe in technology which improves, not replaces, the work of professional linguists. Feel free to ask if you want to receive more information about the tools which we use, and the formats which we translate into or from. In any case, we will always adapt our quotes and solutions to fit your individual needs and your target audience. Read more about our quality assurance method here.

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Contact us now to get a personalized quote for your translation project or to receive more information on the many benefits which opening new markets has for your company. Or if you just want to translate your CV, it will only take a maximum of 36 hours for you to be all set for your trip, and for your new adventure. Use the contact form on the right to ask us a question, or send us an email to attaching your document or sending us a link to your website to be localized. We won't take long and get back to you immediately.