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There is something about Japan that tends to fascinate foreigners. The fact that it is very different from Western culture is probably one of the reasons why. That uniqueness can be seen in the food, art, culture and… language. Japanese has nothing to do with Indo-European languages – completely different grammatical structure, vocabulary and writing system.

If you are planning to visit or do business in Japan, we are right here to help you overcome the language barrier. We offer English, French, German, Swedish... to and from Japanese translation and interpretation services.

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Why partner with GB Translation

✓ We work with professional translators

We are aware of the difficulties translating from and into Japanese entails. For instance, the Japanese language reflects the nature of Japanese society; its verb forms and vocabulary reflect the status of the speaker, the listener and even the people mentioned. And that’s just one example, the structures of the language are so different that an amateur translator would, at best, produce awkward sounding texts.

We work with trained and experienced native translators who can convey the meaning and intent of the original text by using a set of specific strategies to adapt it to the Japanese language and culture.

Read more about our quality assurance method here.

✓ We are versatile

Close communication with our clients is one of our priorities. We want to know exactly what you need. Translations from German, French or Dutch into Japanese or from Japanese into other languages, confidentiality, deadlines... Let us know.

✓ Fair rates

We aim at long-time partnerships, which is why we are not interested in overcharging you, we want to reach favorable agreements for both parties.

Years of experience and training have made us efficient. That’s the secret behind our tight deadlines and fair costs.

✓ Any type of document