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Business in Norway?

The fact is that Norway’s solid and stable economy make it a good destination for expanding companies – reports show that the Nordic country was virtually unscathed by the 2008 financial crisis. Other positive factors include a highly-educated workforce and affluent consumers.

Now, conditions are favorable, but you probably know that achieving your goals and reaching agreements require direct and effective communication. You need to be sure that you are getting the right message across. You might have thought about asking members of your staff to translate your documents. However, that would take time away from the actual work of your employees and the fact is that it probably takes your untrained staff a long time to (poorly) translate a document.

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Why partner with GB Translation

✓ Native language professionals

The years of training and proficient language and IT skills of our English to Norwegian translators and Norwegian to English translators make us the best choice. We ensure a final text that’s accurate and reads naturally in the language.

Read more about our quality assurance method here.

✓ Competitive prices

We know that partnerships that work in the long term are built on trust, which is why we have no interest in offering overpriced services.

✓ We adapt to your needs

We take our job as service providers seriously, and a big part of that is keeping a close relationship with our clients. Tell us what you need, ask as many questions as you want – we will be there to listen. Translating from French, Dutch, German to Norwegian or from Norwegian to other languages; deadlines, confidentiality… you name it.

✓ Different texts – different translations

If you are doing business in Norway you will probably be dealing with a wide array of texts on a regular basis: CVs, contracts, websites, articles… The list is endless. We are aware that each type of text requires certain knowledge and strategies. Contracts, for instance, need to be crystal clear and unambiguous, while commercial texts have to flow naturally to hit the local’s sweet spot.

These are some of the texts we usually translate: