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If you have already made it to this page, then there is no need to tell you about how important the Spanish language has been in world history and still is both in business and in politics. If you need professional Spanish English translation services from true linguistic experts, then you have come to the right place.

G.Brunner Translation is passionate about languages, and just as passionate about customer service and relationships with our individual and corporate clients. We are a provider of high-quality translation services for Spanish, English, and other languages, based on one simple principle: to deliver a translated text that works for what it is supposed to do, that is linguistically correct and bridges cultural differences that may otherwise lead to misunderstandings.

Different target groups – different Spanish

We are aware, as you probably are too, that there is more than one version of Spanish. The Spanish spoken in Spain, most obviously, is very different from the variants of Spanish spoken in South America. And within South America we find a number of huge countries with huge cultural and linguistic differences. To use the wrong word or expression is like putting a foot wrong; the whole project can depend on little differences.

When you ask us for an English Spanish translation service, then it is important that you specify which is your target audience and in which part of the world it is located. That way we can create naturally flowing texts which will doubtless hit the sweet spot with your customers.

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We have the right person for the job

There is such a wide variety of texts or documents which can be translated, that it is important to have the right expert for each individual project. We translate: contracts (legal documents), commercial correspondence such as emails (making sure of the necessary confidentiality), websites, apps or desktop software, menus for restaurants, CVs/resumes, and anything else you can think of. We know what it takes to handle each of these tasks successfully. Read more about our quality assurance method here.

Affordable Spanish translation rates

Many Spanish companies are not exactly going through the best time in their corporate history, and we know this. Therefore as a translation agency we offer special reduced rates to make sure that we may sail successfully through the current rough economic climate. Feel free to ask for more information!

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