Dani Voice Overs: “Like having an in-house translation service”


Dani Voice Overs is a Spanish company based in Madrid which offers all sorts of voice-over and dubbing services for a great variety of projects: e-learning, advertising, tutorials, TV, corporate radio, software, and much more. Daniel Sanchez, the "Dani" in Dani Voice Overs, primarily started to offer these services in Spanish, but soon came across a considerable number of clients who were looking for multilingual services, i.e. the same text translated and dubbed into various languages. Thanks to his high-quality output and people and marketing skills, he was soon counting many important international businesses among his clients, from as far away as India but also big European groups like Volkswagen, Audi, and ThyssenKrupp.

It became clear pretty early on, that there was a need to offer not only professional, native voices but also to have texts prepared by native, professional translators. This in turn would give Dani Voice Overs the opportunity to offer all-in-one packages, which is what we could call the holy grail as a service provider. It was at this point that Daniel, at some point in 2012, got in touch with G.Brunner Translations, thanks to the latter's excellent web presence, which made it easy to find on the world wide web. The two of them soon collaborated on various projects, and after a few years of working side by side, share a number of important corporate clients.

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The rise of Dani Voice Overs and the success of G.Brunner Translation are therefore linked by the fact that these are two young, flexible companies which started working together early and then grew in parallel. The company's CEO is happy with the collaboration thus far, and hopes that it may continue for a long time:

 Daniel Sanchez, CEO and founder of Dani Voice Overs

Daniel Sanchez, founder of Dani Voice Overs

“Working with GB Translation is always a pleasure in every way. Their response time is always immediate, their quality excellent, and they offer a wide range of services, in any language!!! Not to talk about the fact that they always understand exactly what we need. Having Gabriel and his team by our side has allowed us to take an exponential leap in our growth—we’ve been able to add an external Translation Department to our company, which works just like and internal Department would. I’m sure we wouldn’t be we’re we are today without GB Translation’s help.”

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Gabriel Brunner, GB Translation

"Dani Voice Overs is a dynamic business which regularly sends us interesting material to translate. The type of client that we enjoy working with. It goes to show that building long-lasting, personal relationships is an effective strategy, which is why we place so much importance on it."