Travelgenio: Towards new Horizons

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What is Travelgenio?


Travelgenio is an online travel agency offering flights, hotels, insurance and car hire service, among others. It was one of the first companies we started working with back in 2011. Our website had only been up and running for about two weeks, but they contacted us via the internet —we understood just how important having a solid online presence is. Back then both of our companies were taking their first steps, and seeing how far we’ve come gives us a sense of accomplishment.

Although the company is based in Madrid, Travelgenio has spread all the way to America (North & South) and far and wide in Europe. We’ve translated the content of their website so that people from different countries would be able to use Travelgenio to organize their trips.

How did we help?


Travelgenio entered new markets gradually. In 2011 we translated their content into German. In 2013, the list grew to include French, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Russian and European and Brazilian Portuguese. In 2016, the company decided to go for Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Part of the challenge was to adapt to the company’s needs, which is why we worked with different platforms and formats. We uploaded our translations directly into Travelgenio’s backend and used the best software to preserve formats and HTML code. We made sure to assign one single professional to each target language. That way, we guaranteed each localized version was consistent in terms of style and terminology.

As Travelgenio’s website grows and becomes accessible to more travelers from different nationalities, so does their annual turnover. A lot has happened since 2011’s turnover of 35 million euros. In 2014, it increased to 344 million euros.

Collaborating with Travelgenio has been an absolute pleasure, and so has been realizing that our work has helped them to conquer new markets. We are delighted to continue working side by side to keep boosting the company’s expansion —It’s just the type of long-term collaboration we go for.