English German Interpretation in Brenner

G.Brunner Translation plays its part in understanding the refugee situation in Europe

Understanding the refugee situation in Europe is key in facing the challenges for the future of our continent. At G.Brunner Translation, we like to be in the thick of the action. So we were delighted to help with this latest journalistic assignment on the Brenner pass between Austria and Italy, where our job as linguistic bridge builders was sorely needed.

The assignment

Martin Novák, Foreign News editor of the Czech newspaper Aktuálně, got in touch with us last May because he was interested in doing an article on the Brenner pass situation. 2016 started out with a public debate regarding the Austrian’s government decision to build a wall in Brenner to separate the border between Austria and Italy. The controversy went beyond the two countries and caught the attention of international media.

How we helped

Martin was especially interested in getting the locals’ opinion, and he realized he needed to have someone by his side with the linguistic knowledge and skills to act as a liaison between him and the people of Innsbruck and Brenner. Therefore, we sent interpreter Anna Parnitzke to accompany him. Anna, Austrian native with extensive training in interpretation, described the event as an interesting opportunity to find out more about people’s views on the current situation and explained that it was great to see how important it was for people to be able to speak their mother tongue when being interviewed.

Language barrier overcome, they got out to the streets to get the locals’ point of view. Curious about the result? Check out Martin’s work!

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