Commercial documentation

A lot of International business?

If you do a lot of business with other companies in the IT sector, in international commerce, construction etc., then you will have a need for business document translation. We offer such services in English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese etc. as well as some new languages which are becoming increasingly important, e.g. Russian, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish.

Chances are, this work is already being carried out by one of your personal assistants or secretaries. But doesn't it take valuable resources away from the actual work of that employee? You might not know it, but professional business translators only take a fraction of the time that your untrained employees take to translate the same document, contract, agreement, or email message. We are talking about roughly one fifth of the time. This is due to their training, their language skills, and their professionalism, as well as the modern tools which they use. Which means that outsourcing your translation needs saves you a lot of time, money, and resources.

Need some linguistic help in German, Spanish, French, Chinese etc.?

The main languages for translation in general are German, Spanish, French, and English, of course, but there are many up-and-coming languages in the international world of business such as Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and languages from the Scandinavian countries. We have professional, native translators for all of the above languages, and more.
As a business it should be your goal to find a long-term partner for your linguistic needs. G.Brunner Translation works with companies of many different sectors, as well as private persons, and strives to provide an all-in-one translation service. We want you to think: "We need a language service or an interpreter? - Let's call GB!" That way you can forget about it and concentrate on your real work. We help you to be more productive by taking care of the linguistic side of things.

We translate your business documents

Your business documents, commercial documentation, technical manuals, websites, etc. need professional localization services. It is not enough to understand more or less what a document is about. In business, the devil is in the details. Especially when dealing with contracts and especially clever businessmen from other countries. These people are often widely travelled, and often, because of different cultures, they do not state explicitly how far they are willing to negotiate, what kinds of deals they offer etc. Business is done in different ways in different countries, and we understand these differences and the different ways of redacting commercial documents in different countries, and help you overcome these linguistic and cultural barriers. Many a business has not come through because of these kinds of obstacles, so do not risk it! To be able to count on professional translators for contracts and other commercial correspondence provides a fantastic peace of mind.

Read more about our quality assurance here.

Confidentiality guarantee for translations

This goes without saying: All your information, no matter how delicate, is safe with us. We call it the professional secret of the translator. We are bound by our terms and by our professionalism to keep your secrets stored in a safe place, and to completely eliminate all information pertaining to your business (including, if you so wish, the fact that you are our client) whenever you wish.

Businesses need strong and reliable partners. G.Brunner Translation knows this and treats your confidential information as if it were our own. We only use it for the purpose of translation and get rid of it when it is no longer needed. Reliability and confidence are two very important factors when you outsource your translations.