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Contract translation

In the modern world, cross-border business is the norm, rather than the exception, and contracts between companies of different countries are very common. Often, translators are asked to localize the content of such contracts either for consultation purposes, or to actually sign the contract in that language.

One of the most common examples of this is a Spanish company which, considering the economic situation in their home country, looks to Germany for acquisition talks. Spanish-German is a frequently used language combination for contract translation. However, also other languages like Russian, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Finnish, UK and US English are frequently requested. When translating contracts, be it only for the purpose of information or for the eventual document to be signed, absolute clarity is the main point. There can be no ambiguous sentences, and the resulting document must be easy to read for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. The style of the legal translation is secondary, as is the case with the original document.

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Mistakes in legal translations can cost millions

The reason why it is important that as a client, no matter whether you are signing corporate or personal contracts, you must under all circumstances count on professionals to take care of the translation. Even if disclaimers are used by all serious and reliable translation agencies and professional translators, basically stating that the original text is the only valid reference at any time, an error in interpreting a text may force a person or the CEO of a company to sign papers under a false impression, and legal proceedings against the translator may follow if such a decision is made under a wrong impression of the contents of the text. It is important that when it comes to contracts, you should only outsource translation work to partners who you trust 100%... or the whole operation may end badly for both of you! G.Brunner Translation provides 100% professional and reliable linguistic services, and has not had to enter ANY disputes in its ten years of operation. Because when contract translations are of a high standard, the whole process is smooth as silk!

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Never sign anything that you don't understand 100%

It goes without saying, that you should NEVER sign anything you do not understand perfectly. Doing so can have grave consequences for your company and/or personal future. Even though this seems to be fairly obvious, the number of times businesses sign important documents based on the fact that they understand "more or less" what the text says, or because of "false pride" about their own linguistic abilities would surprise you. As we mentioned above, it is better to let an English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish etc. native-speaking linguistic professional carry that particular burden. A few hundred euros or USD well spent, we would say, which can avoid more serious heartaches later on.