GB Translation provides professional interpreting services in all of Spain


Gabriel, the director of GB, working at conference in Germany

We offer interpreting services in many languages, e. g. German, Italian, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese. Our goal is to provide professional, highly-qualified interpreters for each assignment, capable of fulfilling their roles in a professional way and serving as a basis for the communication between participants of different cultures and languages.

Our interpreting team is reliable, friendly, and professional, no matter which type of interpreting assignment: consecutive or simultaneous translation, congresses, conferences, negotiations, events, business meetings, trade fairs, leisure trips etc. We provide a comprehensive service with the best interpreters in the business (for English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese and many other languages) as well as the required equipment for professional interpretation.

In order to learn more about our simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in the whole Spanish territory, just send us an email to, call us on +34 961 153 224 or use the contact form below.

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If you need a professional interpreter, GB Translation is the perfect solution for your needs. For this kind of interpreting task, it is especially important to rely on a team of true experts to ensure that the message gets across to the target audience. In this dynamic, information is transmitted to the listener with a slight delay of one or two words.

In the case of conferences with a large number of participants, a team of two interpreters is certainly the way to go, since this kind of working requires an extraordinary level of concentration from our professionals. All members of our internal interpreting team speak at least three languages fluently and accent-free; this way we can guarantee that absolutely nothing is “lost in translation”.

Independent of the subject area (technology, IT, medicine, mining, legal matters etc.), we always provide excellent interpreters with a wide range of professional experience and knowledge. We require all our clients to submit a package of information well before the interpreting assignment starts, in order to be perfectly prepared for the event itself.

Our Korean expert working with a tour group during a visit to the historic city centre of Valencia, Spain.


This service is usually provided for professional meetings, commercial negotiations, phone or video conferencing, touristic outings and travels, legal procedures, interviews, and much more. In a consecutive interpreting assignment, our translator speaks after the speaker. This kind of communication happens in real time, without any additional tools, making it especially challenging - it’s a high-pressure job!

Our translators and interpreters are perfectly trained in note-taking techniques and other tricks of the trade, in order to understand concepts really quickly and to be able to convey the message perfectly. A good consecutive interpreter is always focused on understanding a speaker’s core message.

Another, similar requirement that our clients frequently have is the support of an accompanying interpreter, i. e. a person who accompanies a group or a client during one or more days to make sure they get on perfectly and get everything done in the most efficient manner during their stay abroad.


As a part of our all-in-one business service, GB Translation provides all the necessary, modern interpreting equipment for your events, conferences and meetings in Valencia and/or in other Spanish locations. This service includes all the required services in order to make sure that your events goes smoothly. We provide interpreting booths, receivers, microphones, and other audio systems; whatever is needed for events for up to many hundreds of participants.

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