How to: Translate your CV or resume into German

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So, you are thinking about trying your luck abroad.

Have you got everything you need? Sun-cream, check. Woolly hat, check. A book with the basic survival phrases and a back-up supply of your favorite tea? All of that is important, but what you really want to pack with you is an excellent CV.

Whether you are planning to look for a job before you go or once you get there, an excellent translation of you your CV in German, Spanish, Italian, French or Chinese will make all the difference.

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We've made simplified the process for you so that you can get your personal translation quote for your CV in an easy and transparent manner. Just send us the document as detailed above, and we will send you an informal quote via email. It is then up to you to you accept the quote or look somewhere else for a cheaper option. However, we are confident that you will find the price adequate for the high quality you will receive. Once you accept our proposal, it will take up to 36 hours, but not longer, for your finished German CV to arrive on your desk.

Germany's a good place to work

Germany is known for several things: football, the War, blonde waitresses carrying jars of beer, etc. But it is also one of the best places in the world to live and work, as confirmed by a great number of statistics and studies. Working conditions are fantastic: Germans work the fewest hours of all Europeans, and earn some of the highest salaries as well. Coming here to work is certainly worth a try.

Professional CV translations help with job interviews

An additional benefit, or added value if you want, of professional CV translations into German is that having all the right terminology worked out for you, it is much easier to prepare for a job interview, because you just need to study what's already on your résumé. This makes it easier to make a good, positive first impression, as self-confidence is improved. As you might know, a job interview begins the moment you step through the door. In order to further improve your first impression on your potential employer, we can also redact presentation letters for a small additional charge. Get in touch with us now to improve your chances of landing that dream job in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland!