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You don't even need to open your email client. Just use the form below and send us your CV as an attachment. You can use whichever format you prefer, but doc, docx or rtf are the preferred formats. If you only have your CV in pdf format, we will produce a final Spanish CV which is similar in terms of its formatting, but it may not be 100% the same. Or if you prefer, you can send us an email with all the relevant information to In any case, you should receive a quote within one hour, if your request reaches us within our business hours.

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When you submit your CV for translation, please give us as much information as possible. In order to produce a final document which satisfies your needs and rightful expectations in terms of quality, we need to know a) which country you intend to use it in b) what kind of job you are applying for (if you already know) and c) any other comments you might have which could help us produce the perfect translation. The Spanish spoken in Spain is very different from the various versions of Spanish in South America (Argentina, Uruguay and Chile even have different verb forms) so that information is fundamental for us. Also please let us know when you would like your résumé back. The more time you give us, the better the result will be. But as a rule of thumb, normally it takes up to 36 hours for a document of a couple of pages.

You receive an editable Spanish CV or résumé

Be careful of those agencies which send you the finished document as a non-editable pdf file, making sure you have to go back to them when you need to make changes or add new experience to your file. When you contract GB Translation, you will always receive an editable file which you can do whatever you want with. We believe in establishing long-term clients not by setting little traps (as a lot of companies do) but by being fair and transparent in our dealings with clients.

You're better prepared for your interview

You might be tempted to say to yourself, "My brother speaks OK Spanish, why don't I give him my CV to translate?". However, this has several disadvantages. Your brother, not being a professional translator, may not know (and not know how to find) the right terms for different positions you have held during your life or for all the various degrees you hold. Not only does this create an unprofessional impression for the person in charge of Human Resources, it also means that you are less prepared for your eventual interview. If you have all the right terms and expressions on paper, you can just study that document and that way make sure that you say all the right things during the job interview.