How to: Translate your Website into German

The difference between one Website Translation Service and the other

If you choose G.Brunner Translation, you get what you don't get with other German website translation services: You get the full package. From the first access to the page, to the initial quote, all the way to a fully optimized bilingual corporate or personal homepage, we take care of the stuff you don't want to worry about. Just get in touch with us now. The format does not matter; we manage HTML, PHP as well as CMS systems like Joomla and WordPress equally well.

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Why German?

German might not be the world's most widely spoken language, but it has traditionally played an important role in international business and politics, a situation which is unlikely to change in the next couple of years. Having a localized version of your company's web presence available opens up important new markets. English-German is the most widely used language combination worldwide in the field of localization and internationalization of documents, manuals, websites, and media, which means that it is an obvious choice as the first language to choose when you finally start to internationalize your company's portfolio.

German website translation services at a fair price

The worst offenders among the companies which operate on the international market charge you astronomical sums for simple tasks, and quality control is often poor. These agencies will not tell you so, but often all the are interested in is getting the job and then subcontracting some cheap linguist which the can find on large translators marketplaces which work with auction-like systems like Translatorscafe and This means that you don't get high quality for a high price, as should be expected; you get the lowest possible quality for the highest price. If you stick with small translation providers like us, you know who is doing the work and you get what you pay for.
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Translation into German opens up a large market for your company

As stated above, German is still a dominant language in international politics and business and having your website translated into German just gives you a lot more chances of being successful on an international level. Don't hesitate any longer, just use the contact form and tell us the URL which you would like to localize or email us to receive more information on our services.